eFileCabinet desktop document management

We’ve made it faster, easier, and better than ever to manage, store, search, and share your files.

Features that customers love

Along with our easy access menus and intuitive icons, CloudView is one of the reasons you’ll love your eFileCabinet desktop/on-premise solution.
EASE OF USE | With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can eliminate the learning curve and get to work quickly.
VALUE | Add value to your business with improved customer service and less wasted time, all for a competitive yearly subscription.
CLOUD VIEW | The benefit of automatic file backup to the Cloud while remaining an on-premise/desktop user. Backups happen regularly, requires no additional internal server space, and can be viewed at any time from any device with internet access.
WEB PORTAL CAPABILITIES WITH SECUREDRAWER | Utilize the simplified integration sharing service and upload files and folders to your SecureDrawer account from eFileCabinet, and receive files back from customers through the same service.
CAPTURE, MANAGE, SHARE | With easy scanning, capturing and management of client information, users find the interface simple to use from day one.
CSV EXPORT | An easy, user-friendly way to export all of your profile data into one simple-to-access Excel spreadsheet.
ESIGNATURE INTEGRATION | Not only are signatures easy to request, signed files and documents are then automatically received and filed within the folder you designate. Provide legally binding digital signatures with bank-level security.
COMPLIANCE AND REGULATORY TOOLS | eFileCabinet provides document controls that support compliance with regulatory requirements. Such as, HIPAA, SEC, FINRA and various industry specific standards and specifications.


Sharing just got unbelievably better.
Our award-winning web portal is perfect for secure file sharing! Cool, user-friendly features include a responsive interface, a streamlined design, hover-over, and in-line editing functions
for quick access.

Easily and securely share files with customers without regular size limitations. Guest users can even receive files from any browser.

Meet Sidekick, the Document Management Superpower

You may have to see it to believe it. This small, blue orb is a fiercely powerful function, giving you instant access to everything in eFileCabinet. It’s dynamic, it’s really fast, and it synchronizes immediately. Quite simply, this will change the way you use document management.

Available for eFileCabinet Online and On-Premise.

Zonal OCR

It’s time you checked out this virtual data entry specialist.
Save hours of time in redundant labor with this powerful feature that’s
built right in to your software. Organizing customer information is
easier than ever.

Use Outlook Much?

You can drag and drop messages AND attachments directly from your inbox into eFileCabinet. Doesn’t get much easier than that.